Marketing Mania, your resource for voice overs, voice over talent, radio jingles, voice mail greetings, narration services, and production.

Voice overs from voice over talent for narration services, commercial voice overs, radio imaging, voice mail greetings, and more.

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Marketing Mania, your resource for voice overs, voice over talent, radio jingles, voice mail greetings, narration services, and production.
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Marketing Mania your resource for voice overs and voice over talent, takes credit cards for payments.

Voice Overs & Voice Over Talent

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Voice Overs & Voice Over Talent for Narration, Television & Radio, Radio Jingles, Voice Mail Greetings, and Much More...

We make it easy to find and purchase quality voice overs from our signature voice over talent professionals. With over 16 years of industry experience in voice overs, Marketing Mania is the place to search for, find, and hire professional voice over talent and recorded voice overs. It's easy to start, find out how or visit our navigation links to the left to listen to voice over talent demos and choose your talent immediately.

Marketing Mania provides voice overs, voice over talent, and voiceover recordings for any use that you have including: narrators, commercial voice overs, voice mail greetings and on hold voice overs, radio voice overs or radio imaging, TV promo voice overs, and foreign language voice overs. When you need quality voice overs from premium class voice over talent, Marketing Mania is your top resource.

You can hear our voice overs in action from nearly any page in our website. The voice over talent we have available for your voice overs can be heard by visiting these categories: narration services, commercial voice overs, voice mail greetings and on hold services, radio imaging, TV promos and trailers, character voices, foreign accent and foreign language voice over talent.

Choosing a voice over talent just got easier! Marketing Mania makes it easy to find and listen to demo voice overs. On our website you'll find a comprehensive list of world class voice over talent. We even provide free voice casting services to make choosing the right voice for your voice overs so much easier. Find out more about our specific services for voice overs below.

Get voice overs for narrators, narration services, and narration voice overs. Narrators, Narration Services, Narration Voice Overs
It takes a special voice over talent to provide narration services. Narrators are used for elearning, training programs, documentaries, medical projects, corporate presentations and more. Listen now to demo narration voice overs.
Commercial voice overs and professional voice over talent is easy to find when you work with Marketing Mania. Commercial Voice Overs
Professional voice over talent can make your advertising stand out with the right voice, inflection, and emotion. Commercial voice overs are heard on spots for radio, television, the Internet and point of purchase video displays. Listen now to demo commercial voice overs.
Voice mail greetings and on hold voices from our voice over talent make your business stand out. Voice Mail Greetings & On Hold Voices
Make your business stand out with professional voice mail greetings recorded by our voice over talent. IVR and on hold messages can be put to work for you with professional voice overs. Listen now to demo voice mail greetings and on hold voice overs.
Radio voice overs or radio voice imaging service provide the unique voices for radio jingles, sweepers, IDs or DJ drops. Radio Voice Overs or Radio Imaging
Radio voice overs or radio imaging is quite the specialty when it comes to branding your station. We're the experts!  Radio jingles, sweepers, promos and id's dry or produced. Listen now to demo our radio voice over talent strictly for radio imaging and radio jingles.
TV promo voice overs, news, trailers, and more, we make it easy to find the right voice over talent fast. TV Promo Voice Overs
Need a voice over talent for your TV promos, voice overs for id's, news opens and trailers?  Brand your station with TV voice overs that make an impact. Listen now to demo TV promo voice over talent.
We provide voice overs and native language speaking voice over talent in 36 foreign languages. Foreign Language Voice Overs
We are a one stop voice over talent resource for all of your foreign languages and translation needs.  We offer voice overs in over 48 different languages. Our voice over talent professionals are all native language speakers.  Choose your language and listen to demo foreign language voice overs now.
We provide character voice over talent and voice impersonation voice overs for animations, gaming, and role playing. Character Voice Overs
Looking for a unique character voice over talent for roles, cartoons, gaming, and animation. We have voice overs for all of your needs and even celebrity impersonation voice overs. Listen now to demos from our top character voice over talent now.

Where to Start on Selecting Your Voice Over Talent for Voice Overs?

Finding the right voice over talent for your voice overs is easy!  Whether you need commercial voice overs which include tv, radio and Internet voice overs for spots and your advertising;  narration services that consist of a narration recording long form text that is not broadcast, audio books, and documentaries for TV; voice mail greetings or voice overs for on hold or IVR; radio imaging for radio voice overs for radio jingles, sweepers, promos and id's; TV promo voice overs for news opens, topicals, promos and trailers; character voice overs for gaming, animation or role play; or foreign language voice over talent for virtually any voice overs you may need.

We are your one stop resource for professional quality voice overs that you've been looking for. With over 16 years of experience in finding and managing world class voice over talent, we make creating professional voice overs easy!

It's Easy To Get Started

Start today by just filling out our voice overs rate request form, submit the script for your voice overs and let us know any important information about the needs or use for your voice overs. Then either choose a voice over talent from listening to the many online demos or ask about free voice over talent casting. When we provide voice casting, we'll have several voice over talents audition for you within 24 hours (exluding holidays and weekends).

Once you choose the voice over talent for your project, email your final voice over script for a confirmed rate quote. You can expect your voice overs, depending on the size of the project, typically within 24 hours of payment. All major credit cards are accepted.

Listen to Sample or Demo Voice Overs Now!

Do you need music and sound effects for your voice over project? Find out more about our production services for voice overs.

Get a prices now on voice overs and voice over talent projects.



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