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Voice Over Talent School

Providing voice overs in over 48 languages for the global marketplace.

For Voice Over Talent

Are you still interested in pursuing a career in the voice over industry?

Advice on how to get started in the voice over industry is now available from the people who actually do the hiring, Marketing Mania Voice Casting!

Most people believe simply because they have a nice voice and can read, that's all it takes to be a voice over talent in the voice over industry. However, like any business, it takes much more than that. The following services and information will help you understand exactly what it takes first hand and will get you into the "Voice Over Industry" and even doing voice over work for us that much faster.

Now, you can get a "CAREER IN VOICE OVERS - HOW TO GUIDE". The "" I Wanna be a Voice Over" mini-manual is emailed to you within 24 hours. It's a no-fluff guide on exactly how to get into the voice over industry, step by step.

• The Career in Voice Overs How-To Guide: "I Wanna be a Voice Over" Mini Manual

We recommend the "I Wanna be a Voice Over Talent" mini manual which is available for $21.95. It offers a very short, concise overview of the voice over industry with extremely detailed steps on what is actually needed to start a career in the voice over business. Purchase it here. If you are interested in this beginner voice over manual, please call 239-282-8488, Monday-Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time with credit card information if you wish to purchase it over the phone rather than online. Or, you may click here at any time to purchase it. Make sure we receive your email address, name and phone number.

Please keep in mind, we are an extremely busy, working voice over casting company which has responsibilities to its daily clientele. We are offering the beginner voice over manual noted above as your only means of advice on how to get into the voice over business and work for voice over casting companies like this one. We cannot accept amateur solicitations for information other than the beginner voice over manual described here for $21.95 and the information already posted on our Voice Over School page which is completely free.

• D Class Voice Over Talent Opportunities

If you are an amateur voice over talent already set up, with a voiceover demo, and are ready to record in your own studio or you have access to one on a daily basis, you must go thru the proper voice over talent screening process. To make your way through the proper channels of the voice over talent screening process, you may send your voiceover demo via MP3 attachment to info@mktmania.com. Please include all your contact information.

D Voice Over Talent class screening is available at a nominal processing charge of $10. Once payment has been made at www.mktmania.com/paymentcenter.html or by calling 239-282-8488 to use your credit card by phone, the Casting Director will contact you the following business day with a list of the company's independent Voice Over Talent contractor requirements, along with a voice-over audition to test your skill level and hear the quality of audio your recording studio before accepting you into the D class voice talent pool.

For A, B, and C class voice over talent, there are no charges for voiceover demo screenings to be accepted onto our online voice over roster. Please read requirements on the Marketing Page for submission details and talent requirements For Voice Over Talent Classes A through C.

For your convenience, below are definitions of voice over talent pool classes:

A Class - These are Voice Over Talent who are union scale or better, voice over actors and are members of SAG, AFTRA, ACTRA and/or Equity and are available during the business day Monday through Friday to record.

B Class - These are Voice Over Talent who are full time voice-over talent, are non-union, and provide a living for themselves solely from the voice over industry and are available during the business day Monday through Friday to record.

C Class - These are Voice Over Talent who are radio and/or television broadcasters or staffers who moon-light or perform voice-overs on the side or in addition to having a full time job and have free access to a studio or home studio within 12 to 24 hours.

D Class - Voice Over Talent beginners, amateurs and/or broadcasters who have a local small market sound and experience but have access to their own home studio or "studio at work" at no charge. If this defines you, simply submit your MP3 demo to info@mktmania.com with all necessary contact information. Keep in mind if you have the raw talent, motivation, follow through on instructions in the manual offered above, or are able to follow the company's policies and requirements for one of our voice talent pools, you may be up and running as a D talent or better in no time. From there, you can work your way to the A or B class, but that is entirely up to you and your work ethic.


Note - The office staff is closed to any solicitations by amateurs or professionals. All submissions/solicitations must be made strictly through the proper channels as instructed on this website. We are a working casting company and have responsibilities to voice over casting services to our clients and current voice over talent roster. We've only opened up the opportunities specifically listed on this website because so many people new to the voice over business and professionals alike flood our phone lines and email accounts with questions, which make it impossible to answer all requests for information. So, rather than ignoring your attempts to contact us, we have publicly posted on our website the following pages for your perusal and review.

Voice Over Marketing
Voice Over School
Amateur Voice Talent

Are you a BEGINNER and still interested in pursuing a career in the voice over industry?

Get the "CAREER IN VOICE OVERS HOW-TO GUIDE" mini-manual emailed to you within 24 hours. It's a no-fluff guide on exactly how to get into the voice over industry, step by step. And, it's packed with "only" the information you NEED to get started for $21.95.

To Buy NOW, simply enter your email address below and click the payment button to pay online with any major credit card, or feel free to call us at 1-239-282-8488 with your credit card information anytime Monday through Friday 930am to 530pm EST daily.

To place your order, simply enter your email address below and click the payment button.

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